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Sarasota Tree Removal and Recycling!

We love your trees. And we know you love them too! They provide a beautiful aesthetic and privacy for your property, as well as a host of environmental benefits. Did you know that the vegetation in the Sarasota area is growing at a rate of about 8% per year? Overgrown or unhealthy trees can become a niusance, create safety hazards, and attract unwelcomed pests. Regular tree maintenance is a necessity.

OnSite is not your average tree service provider. Rather than opt for the cheapest and easiest solution for dumping waste, we honor nature's plan by recycling nearly 100% of the material we remove. The vegetation from your property is either chipped to expedite carbon retention, or burned to produce biochar. It is then supplemented with food scraps and animal traffic at our regenerative farm operation in the Myakka Valley.

This process produces compost, or "Black Gold," a nutrient-rich soil which we use to grow organic food at the farm and for a select group of our most loyal customers.

Our vision is to repurpose trees and build 100 permaculture food forests in Sarasota by 2030.

The equation is simple: Trees In ==> Food Out

When you use OnSite to remove or maintain your trees, you are contributing to health and abundance in our community for generations to come. Contact us today and let the boys in purple handle the rest!

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