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Tree Removal in Sarasota, FL

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Tree Removal 

Are you in need of professional tree removal services in Sarasota, Venice, Punta Gorda, Fort Myers, or Naples? At OnSiteTree we know Tree Removal, we understand that removing a tree is not always an easy decision to make. However, in some cases, it's the best solution to ensure the safety of your property and loved ones. Here are some scenarios when it's wise to fully remove a tree:

Harm to Structures

If a tree is encroaching on structures such as a house or building, it's the right choice to remove it. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would the falling tree debris cause damage to the structure during a severe storm?

  • Is the root system negatively affecting the structure's integrity?

  • Are roots causing harm to the home's foundation, or cracking driveway and street surfaces?

  • If the property is on septic, are the tree roots infringing on the septic field?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, it's best to remove the tree.

Conflicting Spaces

A tree may need to be removed if it's in the way of active power and utility lines. In some cases, trees in the way of above-ground utilities can be forestry mulched, leaving the root system to rot. If utilities like gas lines, internet lines, water lines, or power lines must be run underground, it's best to fully remove the tree and its root system. Other likely candidates for full tree removal are new home construction, road building, or new landscape changes.


Property Liability

The best reason to remove a tree is when it has died. In this case, not removing it poses a major liability to the property owner. The dead tree will rot over time, attracting termites, carpenter ants, and other bugs. Though the tree may appear to be strong and intact, it's likely rotting in the core. The longer the dead tree ages, the more likely it is to fall over and cause incredible damage or loss of life.

Do you need a permit to remove a tree? In most cases, you do. Depending on the type of tree you want to remove, you may need to seek local county and HOA’s approval before doing so. If the tree in question is occupying conflicting space, posing potential harm or liability to structures, or dead, it is very likely you'll be granted your permit or can move forward without a permit, if potential harm is likely. 

Best Practices for Removing Trees

Before removing a tree, it's critical to have a plan in place to determine how it will be cut, where it will fall, and how debris will be removed afterward. Some additional items to consider before removing trees are access in and out of the work area, potential hazards, and weather conditions.

Most common methods of tree removal include:

  • Top down

  • Top up

  • Alligator base cut and fall

In Some cases using a professional tree climbers, like the ones we use at OnSiteTree is the best way to removal a tree. On Tree Removal jobs located in tight or hard to reach areas, via a bucket lift. A professional climber may absolutely be the best way to tackle the project. Most often a crane is used to assist  the climber. Enabling the tree climber to make cuts as the crane holds the weight of the limb being removed. The limb is then lowered down to the ground crew. Where it is further chopped into smaller pieces and moved to an awaiting chipper dump truck to be transported off site. 

Clean Up and Turf Repair

After tree removal services have completed, be sure to rake up any sawdust, leaves, or twigs that may have fallen during the process. Leaves left on the lawn will cause browning. As the leaves decompose, they will cause the soil to become acidic. Acidic soils do not grow plants and lawns well. However, the soil PH can be brought to neutral levels by adding lime. Lime is alkaline, so adding it to acidic soils will balance the soil to a neutral PH level.


What to Do with the Tree Stump After the Tree Has Been Removed?

You have three options after removing a tree from your property. These are:

  • Leave the stump in place

  • Grind the stump

  • Full stump removal


If you need professional tree removal services in Sarasota or surrounding areas; Punta Gorda, Fort Myers, Naples. Look no further than OnSiteTree for your Tree Removal.


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More information about Stump Grinding and Stump Removal click here. 

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