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Dreams of Localizing Food...

In a dream I had just last week, I found myself wandering down the sunlit streets of Sarasota, and what I saw was nothing short of magical – a thriving urban orchard lining the sidewalks. It was a vision of a future Sarasota, a city transformed into an edible paradise.

As I meandered, I noticed lush mango trees, their branches heavy with ripe, sun-kissed fruit. The air was fragrant with the sweet promise of tropical abundance. Without a second thought, I reached up, plucked a juicy mango, and felt its warmth in my hands.

Taking a bite, I was transported to a world of flavor, a symphony of sunshine and sweetness that enveloped me completely. It was more than just a dream; it was a connection to the Earth, to a community that had embraced the gifts of nature.

In that dream, as I savored the succulent mango, I felt nourished not just by the fruit but by the sun, the soil, and the spirit of Sarasota itself. It was a dream of a future where streets overflowed with nature's bounty, reminding us of the simple joys of life and the beauty of a community united by its embrace of the land's gifts.

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