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Important Reminder - Call 811 Before Tree Removal or Stump Grinding

Dear Property Owner,

We want to ensure the safety of your property and the community as a whole when it comes to any tree removal or stump grinding activities. Before you proceed with these activities, it is imperative that you take the necessary steps to protect underground utilities and pipelines. To do this, you must call 811, the national "Call Before You Dig" hotline.

Why Call 811?

  1. Safety First: Underground utility lines can be located just inches below the surface. Striking one of these lines during tree removal or stump grinding can lead to hazardous situations, injuries, and costly repairs.

  2. Legal Requirement: In many areas, it is not only advisable but legally required to contact 811 before any excavation work. Failure to do so can result in fines and liability for any damages.

How to Reach 811:

  1. Dial 811: Simply dial 811 from your phone. This nationwide service will connect you to your local utility locator service.

  2. Provide Information: You will be asked for essential information about your project, including the location, date, and description of the work.

  3. Utility Locators: Once you've contacted 811, utility locators will be dispatched to your property to mark the locations of underground utilities. These markings are color-coded to indicate the type of utility, such as gas, water, or electricity.

  4. Wait for Markings: It's crucial to wait for the utility markings before starting any tree removal or stump grinding. This step ensures that you can work safely around these vital services.

What to Expect After Calling 811:

  • Within a few days, utility representatives will visit your property and mark the approximate locations of underground utilities using color-coded flags, paint, or stakes.

  • These markings will help you and any contractors avoid damaging utility lines during excavation work.

  • Remember that the depth of utility lines can vary, so always exercise caution when working near marked areas.

By following these guidelines and calling 811, you are taking a crucial step toward ensuring the safety of your property, the well-being of those involved in the project, and the integrity of vital underground utilities.

Your commitment to responsible excavation practices is greatly appreciated, and it contributes to a safer and more secure community for everyone.

Thank you for your cooperation and diligence in this matter.


"Your Tree Guys"

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